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Looks For Less


Feb 16


looks for less

red suede jacket


Love following all the hottest fashion trends, but can’t quite commit to spending $150 on that designer jacket you have been eyeing? Well lucky for you we happen to have all the hottest trends in store for a fraction of the designer price. Just because it’s a “hot new trend” doesn’t mean that it hasn’t hit the runway before, and with just a few updates you can give an old used jacket a whole new life.


One of the hottest fashion trends this season has been suede. From jackets to boots this trend was popping up everywhere, even at our New To You store. By swapping the outdated buttons for a newer version this maroon suede jacket looks like it came straight from the runway. You don’t need to spend a lot to have all the hottest trends,  you just need to shop at New To You!


            Designer Suede Jacket- $150 vs. New To You Suede Jacket-$16          

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       RED SUEDE

After purchasing the New To You Jacket and the updated buttons the total price for this jacket is $20 dollars! With these savings you can afford to buy the whole outfit!  Not only will you look good but you can feel good knowing that your purchase goes to support our Barnabas programs! So next time you are looking at a fashion magazine, try New To You to get your look for less! Have you shopped recently with us and have your own “look for less”? Share your look with us on facebook to inspire others!

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