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Hidden Treasures at New to You


Feb 17


Resale shopping is like a treasure hunt. If you walk in with the expectation that you’ll find something wonderful, chances are you will. This is exactly what happened to an unsuspecting customer in late November. A group of women came in to find their treasure and one woman did. Her treasure was a mid-century bar that would have been the perfect for any space.

American of Martinsville, the producer of this piece, has an extensive history of putting out quality merchandise. They began producing furniture just after the turn of the 20th century and by the mid-20th century, the company was producing top quality merchandise that sold almost as quickly as they could make it.

The furniture, which is often referred to as “modern Danish”, was a staple of the “modern” home during that period. Today, the company has been dissolved into a company that only produces furniture for businesses, such as hotels. The fact that the furniture is no longer manufactured made this hidden treasure, that much more valuable to our customer.

If you have found your hidden treasure at New to You, share your story with us on Facebook or email us the details at We would love to know what treasures you found hidden in our store.

Remember, your purchase helps fund Barnabas programs. If you haven’t been treasure hunting lately, then you should get started!

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