Barnabas Nassau County, FL

Barnabas Thanks Fairgoers


Dec 14


A huge “Thank You” to folks who attended the Northeast Florida Fair on “Feed The Hungry Monday, October 20, and brought food for the Barnabas Food Pantry.  Barnabas would especially like to “Thank” all the volunteers who helped with the collection, sorting and packing of the donated food.  A very special “Thank You” is due Pastor Gerald Wollitz of the Rivers Edge Church in Hilliard for coordinating volunteers from the church congregation to assist.


It’s amazing what great things can be accomplished when a few compassionate people join together to help their less fortunate neighbors.  Barnabas Food Pantry received over 3,339 pounds of food from the Monday night fair attendees which is over 1,200 pounds more than what was collected the previous year.


Over the past year, Barnabas experienced over a 50% increase in food provided to more than 14,000 people in Nassau County.  To keep pace with the growing need, Barnabas recently expanded its food pantry to provide more fresh and frozen food to people who need it.  Last year Barnabas provided 1,666 households with food equating to 143,000 meals to Nassau County residents.


Barnabas Center is a multifaceted organization that serves as a safety net for Nassau County residents in crisis by providing financial assistance, food assistance, medical and dental care for low income residents.

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